😃 Our Slogan

  • Simplicity in design is our original intention, ultimate experience is our pursuit!
  • Lighter! Even lighter! Faster! Even faster!!
  • Good-looking and convenient!

The important features of UU browser are as follows:

⚡ Simple and lightweight, occupying less memory

Compared to Google, the same environment consumes less memory


🔐 No backend resident processes, no disturbance

No backend services, no extra processes, and no extra files in the installation directory

🧙🏻 Personalized interface settings

Pursuing simplicity while maintaining freedom and individuality

🙅🏻‍♂️ No login required, no data reported

No login required, no reporting of personal privacy data

💫 Comes with full page translation

📚 Flexible New Tabs

📋 Multifunctional sidebar

🧩 Easy to install and expand

📟 Night Eye Protection Mode

✔️ One click save of webpage as image or PDF

💿 Cache directory changes, freeing up C drive space

You can change the data storage location to another drive in Settings - Cache directory/Data directory/Download directory to solve the problem of insufficient space on the C drive